Marcvs aka Marcus Couto is a São Paulo-based artist interested in exploring innovative formats and the boundaries of human creativity. Drawing and painting since childhood, he grew up exploring sound, color and shapes in different mediums and techniques. Studied drawing under the guidance of Italian artist Eugenio Colonnese and worked as an assistant for São Paulo painter Luís Castañón. One of Marcvs’s latest works, ‘Supernova’ (2021), was featured by the curatorship team of the digital platform Homeostasis Lab, dedicated to innovative forms of artwork. 'Supernova', which Marcvs describes as 'a politically-charged visual metaphor consisting of a pseudo-fictional star blowing up in deep space – its remains of chaotic matter spilling in all directions, generating waves of unpredictable consequences and giving birth to new unknown realities', will soon be available as a NFT – the artist’s first token to be registered on the blockchain. 
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