"Memories are Wild Animals" is a short film created with artificial intelligence about a man's nocturnal encounter with a predatory fish. It portrays the dreamlike universe of the co-author, a human artist, based on the dreamlike output of the co-author, a machine.
The work explores the dreamlike universe of the artist, who positions himself as a co-author of the work, starting from a collaboration with the dreamlike universe of an artificial intelligence system, responsible for generating the images and, subsequently, the animations, created from text inputs. In this way, artist and machine dream together, and what is seen throughout the short film is the amalgamation of these organic and digital unconscious realms, in a process that suggests a parallel between the two, and a point of contact.
Title of the Work: Memories Are Wild Animals
Author/Artist: Marcus Couto 
Year of Creation: 2024
Duration: Approximately 71.83 seconds
Video Format: MP4
Resolution: 1080x1080 pixels
Aspect Ratio: 1:1 (square)
Soundtrack: LSD Sky Chefs - Loachfillet

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